Kiddie Land is preparing Pre-kindergarten children
for the adventure of a lifetime — kindergarten!
At Kiddie Land we use a custom
Learning curriculum designed to support your
child in reaching their full potential and
developing school readiness skills..

Our Advance PreK program is privately operated
and receives no state funding which puts no
limitations on how much we can teach your child.

Our PreK classroom has a structured
environment that allows your child to learn at
their highest potential and start on a path to a
successful education.  
Advance Pre-K Program Features

  • Regular teacher-family communication, including daily
    updates to keep you informed

  • Classroom activities and design features that help your
Pre-k child build literacy and numeracy skills

  • Small-group lessons in mathematics every day

  • Hands-on experiences that encourage independent and
    creative learning

  • We use daily journal activities to practice writing skills, and
    help your child's early reading skills by connecting sounds to
    letters through picture and word collages.
Kiddie Land Preschool
"Where Learning Is Fun"

Advance PreK
Kiddie Land Preschool 706-695-0118
Mrs. Leslie
Advance Pre-K Teacher

* CPR Pediatric Certified
* Pediatric First Aid Certified
* Early Childhood Health & Safety Certified
* Early Childcare Training
* CDA Certified